Getting rid of a junk cars has never been this easy!

Selling a car that has been wrecked, damaged or has major mechanical issues can be exceedingly difficult. Cash for Junk cars San Diego aims to make selling that car, or truck much easier. The company purchases cars in any condition, even if they are inoperable.

Why should you sell your junk car?

It is a intelligent idea to sell your car to us because most private party customers will skeptical of purchasing a damaged car. Additionally if you sell them the car they may come back and complain. On the contrary our service is fast, convenient and we purchases the car As-is. Another benefit of dealing with our company is we are licensed and also bonded. Which essentially means that we are a company you can trust.
Our company is open 7 days a week in order to provide you the best cash 4 junk cars experience. We can literally walk you through the entire process in a few simple steps. All you have to do is call our company or fill out the contact form below. Our junk car buyers will give you a price, and if you accept it they will pay you cash for your car.

What About if my car is not running?

Even if your car is not running cash for junk cars San Diego will still buy it. In addition we will tow it free of charge, completely getting rid of your hassles.