Getting rid of a junk cars has never been this easy!

What is a junk car?

A Junk car is obviously cars that have been in major accidents, although many other types of vehicles are still classified as junk. Other types of junk cars consist of cars with salvage titles or cars that have engine failure and our not mechanically sound. specializes in purchasing all types of vehicles, running or not, or even if it has been involved in a major accident.

Major accident vehicles/Minor accident vehicles

Major accident vehicles consist of vehicles that have been involved in an accident. These cars may have been hit in the front, back, side or rear. In any of these cases we are still interested in purchasing your car. In many cases your junk automobile could have received a salvaged title from these accidents, although that is not issue with our auto buyers.

Mechanical issues

Mechanical issues can range from engine failure to transmission problems etc. We will purchase cars with almost any mechanical issues. Although while having a consultation on the phone with our buyers it is best to clearly make him aware of the issue. If you are not aware of the issue, it is fine our company will still come and look at your automobile.

What types of junk cars do you buy?

We buy all sorts of junk cars foreign and also domestic. We will also purchase some older cars, although generally speaking we buy cars of any make and model, damaged or old.